About SLA Support


  1. Promote and support students’ proactive and autonomous learning in a practical manner while fostering student capacity to learn at a research university.
  2. Conduct surveys and research on the trends of first-year education and learning support within and outside of Japan, and contribute to quality improvement in learning support at Tohoku University.
  3. Create a culture of “mutual learning” among staff, faculty members and students, and contribute to forming a learning community.


  1. Develop and practice remedial and improve learning support in the liberal education stage.
  2. Develop an organization for learning support, then develop and practice a supporter development system.
  3. Contribute to improving and enhancing the curricula during the regular course of study through information feedback.
  4. Establish a learning support network (collaboration system among departments) in the range of liberal education.


As part of the educational reforms in the Tohoku University Action Plan, the ” Learning Support Project for University-wide General Education – SLA System” was launched.
Reassigned within the Center for the Advancement of Higher Education
The Center for Learning Support was newly established and the SLA Support Office was reassigned to this center, when the Center for the Advancement of Higher Education was reassigned to the Institute for Excellence in Higher Education.