About SLA Support

What is SLA Support?

SLA Support aims to support liberal arts learning from the basic level to the advanced level, and provides learning support for students by students. It is available to all students affiliated with Tohoku University for academic and interdisciplinary learning in the general education curriculum. (※)
SLA stands for “Student Learning Adviser” and is a learning support staff that assists students in their studies.
SLAs come from a wide range of year groups, from third year undergraduates to postgraduates, and from a variety of faculties and graduate schools.
Based on their respective areas of expertise, experience, and achievements, they support the learning of Tohoku University students as “seniors” in learning.

※Specific support activities may be limited to a limited number of students.


The key phrase of the SLA is “Together we learn, together we grow”.

While self-learning is important in university, it is also essential that we learn from each other.
In addition to learning from teachers in their classroom, we hope that you will actively participate in cooperative learning with other students to realize “Tomo-sodachi” and make your learning and experience at Tohoku University even more expansive, deep, and fulfilling!

Characteristics of SLA Support

01We know where you are likely to make mistakes and fall short.

SLAs are students at Tohoku University just like you. They have studied at Tohoku University for a little longer than you and know what to do when you feel like you are about to make a mistake or fall behind. Please feel free to ask them for advice, when you don’t feel comfortable asking your teachers!

01You can meet and interact with different students.

Though you have come all this way to Japan to study, you may not have many opportunities to meet Japanese students. SLA support gives you the opportunity to talk to Japanese students outside your own laboratory and to learn about Japanese expressions, customs and culture.

01Because we are students, we can think and learn together.

SLAs are students and cannot always be perfectly supportive, but we are here to think, to worry and to learn with you. That is why we can grow together with you.