About SLA lounge / Access

SLA Lounge

Center for Learning Support (SLA Support Office) – SLA Lounge

Multimedia Education and Research Complex, 1F 8:30~18:00

The SLA Lounge is the hub of SLA activities. The SLA Lounge is a free space where you can study, chat, eat and drink.

※When the Center for Learning Support uses the lounge to conduct activities (such as SLA support and other events), the use may be restricted.

Floor Map

  • ASofa Seating

    For studying in large groups. Pens for the whiteboard are available for rent.

  • BTable seating

    The tables can be combined. They can also be connected to form a large group.

  • CIndividual seating

    There are eight seats. If you want to concentrate alone, this is the seat for you.

  • DSLA library

    There is a study section, a culture section, an illustrated book section and a Tohoku University teachers’ section.

  • ESLA Profile

    SLA profiles include information about SLA affiliations, specialties, hometowns, hobbies, and favorite things.

  • FNotice Corner

    Information about study events, advice and problems from SLA.


Center for Learning Support (SLA Support Office), TOHOKU UNIVERSITY
41 Kawauchi, Aoba-ku, Sendai 980-8576 Japan
Multimedia Education and Research Complex, 1F
TEL:022-795-3374 / FAX:022-795-4743
Email:sla-support (at) grp.tohoku.ac.jp
※Replace [at] with @