Introduction of Supports

Science Subjects Support

We assist you in questions and consultations related to Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, and other related subjects (such as Introductory Science Experiments, Information Science subjects, etc.). We support questions about tasks given in classes but also offer consultations on study methods, course registration, and discussions on advanced study topics.

※SLA Support provides assistance with the basic content in undergraduate courses. Support does not extend to specialized subjects for third-year students and above in science faculties.

※Regardless of the student’s year or faculty, we respond to consultations on basic content learned in the first and second years of science faculties (for example, senior students or graduate students in arts faculties learning the basics of statistics or programming).

Writing Support

We provide support for mastering academic writing, including reports assigned in classes. Understand the basic formats and rules for writing reports and improve your writing skills. For students whose first language is not Japanese (including international students), we can also provide native checks for Japanese writing.

※SLA Support provides assistance with basic writing in undergraduate courses. Writing dissertations for graduate students and writing papers in English (such as theses or articles for submission to academic journals) are not supported.

※For consultations on short English compositions assigned in classes, please use the ‘English Conversation’ support below.

Language Learning Support (English conversation/Japanese conversation)

We support you to become practically proficient in English and Japanese as foreign languages. In addition to practicing everyday conversation, we support a range of activities within the scope of SLA, such as practicing presentations in English, preparing for exams like TOEFL, and advice on studying abroad.

※Currently, SLA Support does not provide support for learning foreign languages other than English and Japanese.

※Japanese conversation support is available only for students whose first language is not Japanese (regardless of nationality).

Independent Seminar Support

An ‘Independent Seminar’ referred to here encompasses all activities where students learn from each other. Our Center supports students’ voluntary and proactive learning activities, such as the use of classrooms during after-school hours and the lending of equipment.