How to Use

Methods of Using Independent Seminar Support

Basic Usage Flow

If you are considering registering for an independent seminar, please visit the SLA Support Office on the first floor of the M Building on Kawauchi-Kita Campus or contact the Center for Learning Support by e-mail.

1. Independent Seminar Registration

For those who wish to use an independent seminar, we conduct a registration and usage explanation session that takes about 30 minutes. Information required for registration includes the seminar name, representative’s name, contact information, and a list of seminar members.

Groups/orgs registered for independent seminar(2024 1st Semester, Only groups/orgs that wish to be posted)
Group/org name Number of active members Activities Frequency of activities Social media links
Klein Organic Chemistry Seminar 15 We learn Organic Chemistry. Once a week
Tasaki Thermodynamics Seminar 7 We learn Thermodynamics. Once a week

2. Completion of Registration

Once registration is complete, we will send information related to the A Building classroom lending schedule to the registered email address. Please fill in the desired classroom usage time on the designated Google Form sent at that time and submit it by the deadline. As a rule, classroom reservations are made for one month at a time.

3. A Building Classroom Reservation

Once the reservation is complete, a permit will be issued every month. When using a classroom for the first time that month, please come to the SLA Support Office in advance to pick up a permit (weekdays 10:00-18:00). You have to always carry this permit on the day of use. After use, please restore the classroom to its original state and submit a use report (filling out the designated Google Form).

4. Month-End Activity Report

At the end of each month, we will ask you to report on your activities for the month, regardless of whether or not you have any activities (by filling out the designated Google form). After we confirm the input, you will be able to use the classrooms for the following month.


Lending of “A Building” Classroom

During the school term (weekdays) 18:00-20:00

Classroom Capacity Facilities
A401 112 Blackboard
A402 49 Blackboard & Whiteboard
A403 49 Blackboard & Whiteboard
A404 99 Blackboard
A405 49 Blackboard & Whiteboard
A406 99 Blackboard

Equipment Lending in SLA Lounge

Outside of SLA activity hours (mainly weekday mornings), we can lend items such as projectors and whiteboards for activities in the SLA Lounge on the first floor of Building M. If you wish to borrow items, please contact us in advance.
Please note that you cannot reserve tables/spaces within the SLA Lounge.