Introduction of Supports

Writing Support

Individualized Support

We offer support for mastering academic writing, including reports assigned in classes. Understand the basic formats and rules for writing reports and enhance your writing skills. For students whose first language is not Japanese (including international students), we can also provide native checks for Japanese writing.

In university, in addition to tests and exams, assignments are often given in the form of “reports,” which are often used to evaluate grades. The reports that university students work on require “academic writing,” where various techniques are needed to write “logical” and “objective” texts following certain formats and rules.

SLA Writing Support responds to a wide range of questions and consultations related to academic writing. We support not only questions and consultations about reports that are already written, but also planning before starting to write, consultations on searching for references, help with creating outlines, and discussions for organizing ideas. We also accept questions related to other materials used in classes, such as resumes and slides for presentations.

Tips for Effective Questioning and Consultation

Bring materials that explain the report assignment
What you need to write in a report can vary depending on how the assignment is given. Please bring materials that explain the content of the assignment.
Even if your thoughts are not organized, try to verbalize your ideas
Often, discussing ideas can help organize your points and what you want to write. Actively talk about what you have thought!
SLA does not “correct” or “ghostwrite”
It is important that the report is your own writing. Let’s polish your report together so that it conveys what you want to say.

Events & Projects

The Learning Support Center periodically holds writing-related seminars led by center teachers. Information about seminar schedules is announced through the academic information system, social media, and poster displays in lecture buildings. Additionally, SLA disseminates useful information for writing through social media and poster displays.

How to Use

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