Introduction of Supports

Science Subjects Support

Individualized Support

We accept questions and consultations related to Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, and other related subjects (such as Introductory Science Experiments, Information Science subjects, etc.).
We support not only questions about tasks given in classes but also consultations on study methods, course registration, and discussions on advanced study topics.

We have separate counters for Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry, and respond to questions about the following types of class subjects.

Eligible Subjects (examples)

〈Mathematics〉Linear Algebra A, B, Overview / Analysis A, B, C, Overview / Mathematical Statistics / Applied Mathematics / Introduction to Mathematics / Introduction to Algebra / Introduction to Geometry
〈Physics〉Physics A, B, C, D / Mechanics / Fluid Mechanics / Electromagnetism / Quantum Mechanics / Thermodynamics / Analytical Mechanics / Material Mechanics
〈Chemistry〉Chemistry A / Chemistry B / Chemistry C / Physical Chemistry / Organic Chemistry /Inorganic Chemistry / Analytical Chemistry
〈Others〉Introductory Science Experiments (including writing of experiment reports) / Mathematical Physics Exercises / Programming, etc.

While standard support is individual, if your friends have the same questions or problems, you are welcome to use the service together.
In addition to specific questions about the class subjects you are enrolled in, we also respond to consultations about study methods, selecting class subjects and laboratories, discussions on advanced topics in science subjects, and those who want to hear from seniors about actual research activities.

Tips for Effective Questioning and Consultation

Bring your textbook or notes
Bringing your textbook or lecture notes will help us provide support that aligns with your learning situation and classes.
Share what you have researched/thought about with SLA
Please tell us about the process and content you have researched or thought about before using SLA Support. This will help us quickly identify where you are struggling and provide accurate learning support.
Get hands-on
SLA is here to support. While thinking with SLA, move your hands and look for clues to solve the problem! If SLA’s explanation or approach is difficult to understand, please feel free to say so.

Events & Projects

Whiteboard Project

Inside the SLA Lounge on the first floor of Building M, we are conducting an asynchronous interaction project using a whiteboard. Feel free to write and participate when you drop by. Of course, just taking a look can be enjoyable too!

“Explanation Championship” Seminar

For those wondering, “How will what I’m learning now be useful in the future?” or “I don’t quite understand what I’m learning now,” this is a project where SLA thinks about how to explain the key points of each science subject and the application areas beyond what is learned, and then present it in an understandable way.

How to Use

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