Introduction of Supports

Foreign Language Learning Support
(English Conversation / Japanese Conversation)

Are you interested in transitioning from studying for foreign language exams to improving your practical conversational skills? At SLA, we support you in making the foreign languages (English/Japanese) you have learned practically usable in everyday situations. Learning a language also means getting in touch with the culture and society behind it. Let’s learn conversational expressions that native speakers actually use, not just the ones found in textbooks. SLA Support welcomes learners of all levels, from beginners to advanced. Feel free to use our services tailored to your level and learning style.

SLA’s foreign language learning support offers two options: “1 on 1” and “Conversation Café”. We also host seasonal events.

1 on 1 Support

Each 1 on 1 session is 30 minutes.
The basic format is one-to-one, but it’s okay to participate in the same session with friends. In addition to practicing everyday conversation tailored to your learning level, we support you in a range of areas within SLA’s capability, including practicing presentations in a foreign language (English/Japanese), preparing for exams like TOEFL and TOEIC, Japanese Language Proficiency Tests, and advice on cultural conflicts that may arise in study abroad programs.

Continuity is most important for language improvement. Therefore, SLA focuses on ensuring that you can learn enjoyably, without stress. If you find it difficult to speak in a foreign language, it’s okay to mix in your first language, use body language, or even use translation apps. Let’s think together with SLA about “how can I get my message across?” and improve your overall communication skills.

Conversation Café

At the “Conversation Café” (English Conversation Café/Japanese Conversation Café), multiple users and SLA practice having fun conversations and discussions through conversations and games. SLA prepares topics, but active suggestions from you are also very welcome. SLA will facilitate according to everyone’s level, so feel free to join in.

Things to keep in mind when using
foreign language learning support!

Just try speaking
It’s normal to feel nervous about making mistakes when you’re not used to conversing in a foreign language (English/Japanese). Don’t worry too much about grammar; start by speaking even if it’s just with words.
If you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to tell SLA
Do you ever pretend to understand or just laugh it off when you didn’t catch something, thinking it’s your fault or feeling embarrassed? This means you’re missing an opportunity to learn. Ask questions freely and enjoy the conversation while understanding the content!
It’s okay to use an easier language (Japanese/English), diagrams/pictures, or body language!
When you’re unsure how to express something in a foreign language (English/Japanese) or can’t find the right words, use all means available to convey “this is what I want to say” to SLA. The conversation might stall because you can’t get your point across, but if what you wanted to say gets across to SLA, they can for example teach you that “At a time like this, you use an expression like this”.

Events & Projects

We hold events where you can enjoy seasonal events like a welcome event for new students, Halloween, Christmas, and New Year celebrations. We also periodically host events aimed at networking among domestic students with similar interests in foreign language learning, international exchange, and study abroad.

How to Use

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