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Academic skills basic seminar for new students

If you are a first-year undergraduate student, are you worried about writing assignments and group work in college classes?

In universities, students will have more opportunities to discuss with each other and write essays outside of class time than in high school.
However, you may have concerns or worries such as “the discussions somehow don’t go well” or “I don’t know how to write a basic essay”.

In this online seminar, you can learn the basics of writing and discussion for only 30 minutes each.
Both writing and discussion skills require experience to improve.
However, with just a few changes in awareness and behavior, you can become much more successful and stress-free.

To that end, let us go over the basics first.

You can just listen to it like a radio show.
Please feel free to join us! 

◆ Date: Thursday, May 2, 16:00~17:45

◆ Contents:
Part 1: Paragraph Writing Basics 
  May 2 (Thursday) Lecture 16:00-16:30 Question time (anything related to writing is OK) 16:30-16:45
Part 2: Basics of Group Discussion
  May 2 (Thursday) Lecture 17:00-17:30 Question time (anything related to discussion) 17:30-17:45

◆ Language: Japanese

◆ How to participate: Please check from the Japanese page in detail.