SLA Recruitment

Would you like to try working as SLA?

The concept of SLA is “Together we learn, Together we grow, TOMOSODACHI !” We aim to create a culture where students learn together and from one another, and to make learning at the university a richer experience. To achieve this, we need motivated senior students in Tohoku University! Why not make use of your experience and talent by becoming part of SLA? We are waiting to hear from you.

Recruitment Period

We accept applications for the first semester in July and for the second semester in January, only in case of need.

Recruitment Areas

Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, English Conversation, Writing, Project
(A number of position is different in the semester.)

Application Requirements

The applicant must:
1. Be a Tohoku University student, third-year undergraduate and over

2. Have sufficient motivation and enthusiasm to provide high-quality learning support to undergraduate students

3. Take responsibility for his or her own studies

4. Have achieved excellent academic performance in the subject for which he or she wishes to provide support

※If you are a foreign student, we require you to have dairy conversation in Japanese to discuss and communicate with other SLAs and staffs.

※We welcome students who can work for more than a year.

SLA focuses on providing learning support to students.
Therefore, we are seeking to hire students who understand the significance of the learning support provided and both the advantages and disadvantages of students helping each other.
We are also seeking students who will be independent and proactive.
In addition, because the job involves dealing with people, applicants must be cooperative and work well as part of a team, have a firm sense of responsibility regarding aspects of the job (e.g., reporting, communicating, and consulting), and be competent in time management.
Of course, you do not need to be perfect, as we want members of SLA to grow along with the students whom we serve!

Please check these documents(written in Japanese) below.(PDF file is here.)


pos-rec201701-3 pos-rec201701-4

How to Apply 

1. Application for briefing

Send an email during the application period and tell us below:
 1)your name, 2)your department and grade, 3)positions you would like to do as SLA

email address:sla-support(at)  change (at) to @

2.Briefing (about 30 minutes)

We will explain the outline of SLA and the flow of activities. Through the briefing session, please understand the purpose of the activities and consider whether or not you would like to do.

3.Interview and Testing (about 1 1/2 hours) 

The interview takes about 30minites, and the test takes about 1 hour.
The test is different as position.
It is not only a written test, but also presentation or talking.

4. Notification of your acceptance

We will notify you when all applicants finish interviews and tests.