Our Staff

Center Staff

▲Center staff(2018~)


Mitsuru Haga (Institute for Excellence in Higher Education, Professor, Eurasian continent archaeology)

Vice Director

Tomoko Sato (Institute for Excellence in Higher Education, Associate Professor, Lifelong Learning and Social Education)

Let’s share the enjoyment of studying with everybody rather than studying by yourself.


Takumitsu Agata (Institute for Excellence in Higher Education, Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology, Cognitive Science, Art Education)

Yiting Lai (Institute for Excellence in Higher Education, Assistant Professor, Teacher Evaluation and Personnel Management, Teacher Education)

Mai Suzuki (Educational Affairs Division, Office Staff)

It is up to you whether you make the most of your university studies! Please feel free to use our services to help.


Members as of late 2019:36
(Physics 8, Mathematics 8, Chemistry 3, English 7, Writing 3, Project 7)
→ A more detailed profile of our members has been posted on the wall of SLA lounge!

▲Members as of the spring semester 2019(at a activity briefing)


Ryo Sato (Science, D3) Akihiro Ozawa (Science, D1)
Hiroki Arisawa (Science, M2) Mizuki Akaike (Science, M1)
Nozomu Hayabe (Engineering, B4) Masato Shigefuji (Science, B4)
Yutaka Kinoshita(Science, B4)  


Nobuhito Miyake (Science, D2)  Nobutaka Asano (Science, D1)
Kensuke Yoshizawa (Science, D1) Takayoshi Watanabe (Science, M2)
Akihito Mori (Science, M2) Shun Sato(Engineering, B4)
Kohei Takehira (Science, B4) Atsuhide Nagasaka (Science, B4)


Shinichi Mikami (Science, D1) Mayu Nozawa (Science, M1)
Yuki Nakamura(Engineering, B4)  


Jun Tamura(Arts and Letters, M2) Sarah Ichikawa(Engineering, M2)
Jihui Han (Engineering, M1) Jin Yi (Engineering, M1)
Ayako Mizuno (Pharmaceutical Sciences, B4) Shunsuke Otsuki(Economics, B4) 
Erina Chiba (Engineering, B4)  


Yukako Tamada (Arts and Letters, D3) Airi Ito (Education, D1)
Takatsugu Aihara (Arts and Letters, M2)  


Kohei Nishiduka (Education, M2) Yoko Kagami (Arts and Letters, M2)
Shiho Suzuki(Arts and Letters, B4) Sayaka Kudo (Arts and Letters, B4)
Tsukasa Ida (Science, B3) Ryoga Matsuya (Arts and Letters, B3) 
Shoen Takayama (Economics, B3)