How to use Center for Learning Support

Introduction to Using this Center

Together we learn, Together we grow, TOMOSODACHI !

 Center for Learning Support assists students at the start of their university studies, while valuing their independence as learners. Thus, the scope of questions that we accept is wide. We help students who are finding it hard to keep up with their classes and those who may need to review topics from the high-school level; we also offer “level-up” support to students who wish to study ahead or who are interested in more advanced discussion. Rarely are we merely giving answers to simple questions.
 The senior students who make up SLA may not know the answers to every question. Nevertheless, we hope that first- and second-year students will recognize the advantages of SLA outlined herein and will make use of SLA purposefully in order to pursue and deepen the understanding of your studies.

How to use Center (Basic Administration)

Photo:ID card

When you first use the service, you will receive an ID card.

*You will use the same card in subsequent years.

*If the card is lost, you will be reissued a new card.

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Photo:SLA information board

If you drop in, a reservation is not required. The window will be open from periods 2 to 5 (10:30-17:50, including lunch break) on weekdays. Please check the schedule because the times when the window is open will differ by subject.

You can check for the latest SLA information on the notice board outside the center entrance.

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Photo:Waiting tickets

If there are students waiting, “waiting tickets” will be issued and it will be necessary to wait up to 30~40 minutes.

*There are times, such as during test periods, when due to congestion you may be given a time slot within 30 minutes.

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Photo:Form of user record

If you have questions, please fill out the “user record.”

This is the form of user record
(students should fill out only the column at the top of the page).

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Photo:Student feedback form

When you have finished with your questions, please fill out the “student feedback form.”

*Some student feedback forms are posted on the center wall.

The student feedback form (You are required to answer only three questions on the form every time you use the service.)

How to use Center (by subject)

Sciences (Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, etc.)

◎From periods 2 to 5 (10:30-17:50) on weekdays, the window designated for physics, mathematics, and chemistry is open. →Please check the schedule.

◎Even though this window is designated for physics, mathematics, and chemistry, service is also available with classes on related subjects. Also, because the expertise of SLA present at the time will vary, often it will be possible to get help with other subject areas.

◎Of course, liberal arts students can also use the service!

◎In addition to asking specific course-related questions, it is also okay to use the service to talk with senior students about their study techniques!

English Conversation

◎We provide two forms of English conversation, an English cafe and “one-on-one English.” The English cafe is coordinated by SLA and consists of meetings in which some students can participate. “One-on-one English” is personal conversation in English, tailored to the needs of the students requesting it.

◎The English cafe is held during a lunch break and period 3 (12:00-14:30), and one-on-one English conversation takes place during periods 4 and 5 (14:40-17:50). The days of the week on which these activities occur will vary depending on the semester. →Please check the schedule.

◎English conversation is aimed primarily at developing practical English skills, but depending on the needs of the students, we will also provide advice on English writing and speech practice in “one-on-one English.”


◎The window will be open during weekdays for a few periods between periods 2 to 5 (10:30-17:50). →Please check the schedule.

◎All questions relating to written composition, from papers and resume writing to emails, are okay!

Voluntary Seminars

◎After school (18:00-20:00), a classroom on the fourth floor of Building A will be available for rental.

◎If it is your first time, we will provide an overview of our voluntary seminar support Service; subsequently, you will be required to fill out a registration form.


◎Various learning events are held throughout the year. When they are planned, they will be advertised on posters(Japanese) and on the schedule.

◎If you want to know the past events that the center has held, please take a look at the activity record(japanese).

Japanese Conversation

◎Japanese conversation session is for students who wish to improve their everyday Japanese communication skills.

◎Sessions are for students at all level of Japanese; session can be held both in Japanese and English.