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Those generous enough to help us by distributing information to students

 The support that we provide at Center for Learning Support is extracurricular. The SLA guidebook “Tomosodachi-bon” will be distributed among the first- and second-year students, but we would be grateful if you could help by distributing information about this semester’s activities in class so that it reaches more students. We would like to ask the faculty teaching relevant classes, those who support our aims, and all members of related organizations to download the details provided below and help us relay this information to students.

Posters currently on display

〔総合〕2014年後期常設ポスター PDF()KB
〔英会話〕2014年後期英会話ポスター PDF()KB
〔ライティング〕2014年度後期ライティングポスター ★強力PUSH中★ PDF()KB
〔公募〕2014年度ライティングSLA公募ポスター PDF()KB

Those who introduce and recommend SLA

 Center for Learning Support is always looking for new students to join SLA! If you know of any students who would be suitable for SLA or who show interest in it, we would be grateful if you could recommend and introduce them to us. The application process is outlined on SLA Recruitment page. Because students will have to make the first contact with us themselves, it would be appreciated if you could show this page to the students whom you wish to recommend and describe this opportunity to them.
 The employment criteria are the same regardless of whether a student applies on his or her own or with a faculty recommendation.

Faculty Members who wish to make use of SLA in class
(how to apply for Class Cooperation Learning Support)

 Class cooperation learning support (Class SLA) is a function of SLA in which members provide learning support to a particular class, operating much like a teaching assistant (TA). Currently we are accepting applications for basic seminar classes, but we will consider requests from other classes (However, there is a limit on the number of applications.).
 The following four points outline how Class SLA differs from the TA system:

①It is possible for undergraduate students to be employed.

②The center is responsible for managing hiring/ supervision of SLA.

③Our employment practices are flexible.

④SLA supports the students’ learning as mentors rather than as class assistants of the faculty members.

 It is possible to employ undergraduate students in a research laboratory (i.e., third- and fourth-year students) or students who have previously taken the class (second-, third-, and fourth-year students). And SLA can assist with one-time activities such as group projects as part of certain lessons, this program enables teachers to plan a wider variety of lessons.
 So please, if you want to enliven your classes, take advantage of the students’ energy and be certain to make use of the Class SLA!

Please refer to the following for more information.
・Employment criteria and information on application procedures → Here
・Examples of past SLA projects → Here(a simple explanation has been provided above)