Floor Guide

SLA lounge (Building M, 1st Floor)

Open hours of SLA lounge | Weekdays/8:30-18:00

Photo:SLA lounge

SLA lounge

Photo:Floor Map

Floor map


Photo:Desks, Chairs

Desks, Chairs

Desks are movable. Please use them in whatever combinations you wish. Spare chairs are available.



We subscribe to the Japan Times, Nihon Keizai Shinbun, and Kahoku Shimpo, which provide information on the world, Japan, and the local region.

SLA Paperbacks

Free textbooks and reference materials are provided for use on the floor. There is also a corner containing works written by professors who have some connection to Tohoku University.

Photo:SLA Paperbacks


If you would like to use the whiteboard, please ask the center staff. We can lend pens to students.


The Center Window / SLA Question Counter

Open hours of the center window & SLA | Weekdays/10:30-17:50

Photo:the Center window

the center window

Photo:SLA question counter

SLA question counter


Photo:SLA profile

SLA Profile

If you are interested in finding out what SLA members are like, please check their profiles! You may find that you want to ask more questions than you thought.

Photo:Student Feedback

Student Feedback

We have posted a feedback form on the center wall. It also has comments from SLA and the center staff.


Educational content from the center and fliers from related agencies have been laid out. Please feel free to take them.


Bulletin Board

There is a space for posting things related to the student’s studies, entitled the “Mana VIVA Bulletin Board.” Please check the board if you want to post or obtain information.

Photo:Bulletin Board


Access Map

Center for Learning Support
Address: 41 Kawauchi, Aobaku, Sendai 980-8576 Japan, Tohoku University Multimedia Education and Research Complex 1st Floor
Telephone:022-795-3374 Fax:022-795-4743 Email:sla-support (at) grp.tohoku.ac.jp